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The Civic Architectural Group Inc has many years of construction project administration under our belts and can ensure your project is completed with the utmost success.

Contact our team if you are looking for an organized group of professionals to help ensure the successful completion of your architectural endeavor. We will do everything in our power to ensure you or your clients are satisfied.

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A construction project administrator oversees that everything about the project is done on time and to the highest specifications. Our job will be to review every aspect of the project before we break ground. In addition, we continue to monitor and direct crews on the site during the construction process through to the final inspections. Please speak with our team today for professional oversight throughout your construction project.

Professional Construction Project Oversight

We will be managing the technical side of the project, starting with the design plans and material procurement. Then we focus on the schedule. A schedule review is there to make sure that the project is feasible for all involved. After all, a schedule is only effective if it is communicated to all parties involved—our administrative services make sure that gets done.

Everything we can do to ensure your architectural project is a success is at your fingertips. Just contact our team at (312) 598-2700 for any questions you may have about the process.

Attending and Conducting Administrative Meetings

Meetings are an essential component of ensuring that the architects, contractors, and clients are on the same page. We have many years of experience organizing and conducting meetings between involved parties.

Pre-Construction Meetings

Pre-construction meetings are done after the preparation process has already been thoroughly double-checked. We will proceed as a group and discuss the entire scope of the project together.

Construction Progress Meetings

Our services will ensure that all progress made on the project is accounted for. Without periodically checking up on progress throughout the construction process, it is impossible to stay on budget. Call our team to stay on track and budget.

End Of Project Oversight

Before we hand the project over to the client, we will complete the final inspection of the project and ensure no loose ends.

Construction Site Visits

Visiting the active constructive site is one of our most vital administrative tools and one of the best ways to advocate for our clients’ success. The primary objectives of a site visit are quality control, cost management, safety compliance, and contract administration.

We are the local architectural firm to trust with the full realization of your project.

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