Construction Document Creation in Chicago

With many successes to our name, The Civic Architectural Group Inc offers exceptional architecture services to the people of Chicago.

Our team of engineers, designers, and architects tend to the needs of our clientele at every stage, but it is during the construction document creation stage that we truly shine. Our construction documents give contactors and developers the information they need to bring buildings to life.

When you work with forward-thinking architects such as ourselves, you can rest easy knowing you are receiving the finest service possible. Call us at (312) 598-2700 today. 

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Construction Documents You Can Trust

In the world of architecture services, there are several steps between the first consultation and the finished product. One of the most crucial—and exciting—stages is the construction document creation phase. During this stage, clients approve designs, and all the necessary documents are compiled for bidding purposes, permit procuration, and more.

What drawings and reports comprise the project’s project documents? These include

  • Technical drawings
  • 3D renderings
  • Floor plans

These plans also outline the building’s HVAC systems, electrical systems, and energy calculations. There are numerous versions of each stage of construction, each being drafted to serve the specific contractor in question. Rest assured, all our drawing sets undergo a rigorous inspection process to ensure they meet the approval of our department leaders and the clients themselves. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our construction document creation.

Richly Detailed Drawings

The construction drawings presented at this stage of the architectural process are a far cry from the drafts of earlier stages. These drawings are more than visualization tools for clients—they serve as guidelines for the various contractors tasked with making your building habitable. They take everything into account—from each room’s proposed function to the ventilation systems.

Skilled in Construction Observation

After you have selected contractors for your project, we are more than willing to remain on board to offer construction observation services. We will periodically inspect the site to ensure contractors are continuing to adhere to your wishes, ensuring project success.

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Our Architects Emphasize Communication

The success of any project rests upon the communication between all parties involved. Without proper communication, worksites can become overcrowded and building material shortages can stall work.

With our construction documents, all contractors and relevant parties have a master plan to work with. When builders wish to refresh themselves on your wishes and demands, all they have to do is refer to our expertly drafted 3D models and schematic designs.

Our work eliminates the guesswork from large-scale construction projects. 

Sit Down with an Architect

The secret to a smooth construction project lies in the progression from design to construction. It takes skilled architects to put forth actionable and detailed plans for contractors, and we are those architects. To sit down for an in-depth consultation with our team members, contact us at (312) 598-2700. We cannot wait to serve you.