Construction Feasibility Studies in Chicago

Studying the feasibility of a potential construction site is one of the central components of being an architect. Determining the feasibility of a site means considering every possible element of the build before it starts. If you are looking for a smooth building process and need an expert architect’s guidance, there is no better team to turn to than The Civic Architectural Group Inc.

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Considering Building Viability Factors

Ultimately, crafting a beautiful building for our client is the goal, and we consider all structural design factors to do that successfully. Our detailed feasibility studies involve thoroughly analyzing the construction site for the best possible building configuration. In finding the general feasibility of a given project, we will be considering:

  • Land use codes
  • Budget analysis
  • Adherence to safety and equipment regulations
  • Building schedule
  • Roadway access
  • Impact on the community

We examine all these factors and many more before anyone breaks ground. Contact our team to ensure you are making all the right decisions with your upcoming project.

What Goes into the Study?

When determining whether your construction site is the right spot for the build, we want to keep our clients’ money in mind.

We will determine whether there will be factors that cause the project to go over budget. We examine the project’s potential environmental issues, like whether the soil is suitable to build upon.

We will consider the site’s history. What happened to that building, and why isn’t it there anymore? Can we avoid the same thing?

All of these questions will help guide us to the result we are looking for.

Determining the Best Use of Your Site

One of the first questions we ask ourselves when completing our feasibility studies for a project is: would this project work better somewhere else? That is, could we find a more optimal location for this building. When the answer to that question is no, we begin examining all the remaining feasibility factors to ensure your building is built to last.

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Feasibility Studies: Helping you Understand Your Site’s Potential

There are feasibility studies in place to make sure all elements are considered before the building begins. It also ensures the best possible result for the construction. We study every element of the building process to ensure the utmost success and longevity of the building.

The Civic Architectural Group Inc’s Feasibility Studies: Guiding You to The Best Possible Decision

Anyone in the Chicago area looking to build something new should contact our team. Our long history of success is greatly due to our detailed feasibility study capability.

When it comes to your project, we leave no stone unturned. Once the site has been agreed upon by all parties, the feasibility study will begin. We will analyze every possibility to determine whether it is a suitable place to construct your project.

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