Schematic Design in Chicago

The first steps are as important to a project’s success as the final steps. In the world of architecture and construction, schematic design is the first crucial step.

When the people in our community want to set their project on the path to success, they contact the architects at our firm. Our schematic designs aren’t just rough site plans and floor plans—they are richly detailed paths to excellence.

The secret to our success lies in our appreciation for the finer details. Work with the detail-oriented professionals at our firm by calling (312) 598-2700 at your convenience.

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Big Picture Architects

Commercial and residential architects such as ourselves typically oversee large projects. Even something as seemingly straightforward as the designing of a small cottage is an undertaking. The nature of our work requires us to keep the big picture in mind at all times. With our richly detailed schematic designs, we are able to do just that.

Schematic designing refers to the process by which your architect drafts designs based on early or fully-formed concepts. More than just rough visualizations, these plans take into account basic scale, spatial relationships, and our region’s by-laws and jurisdictional regulations.

Schematic Designs for Your Space

Our in-house design team may be incredibly skilled, but our skillset is of little use if we do not have your input. Over the course of several meetings, we will take your concepts and bring them to life on the page. We welcome questions, requests for revision, and whatever you need to feel at ease. We are architects who are adept in the ways of customer service.

Schematic design accounts for roughly 15% of the work an architect conducts throughout a project. We make sure that 15% truly counts. Call us today to learn more.

Our Architects Emphasis Research

It is not enough to simply draw plans for an attractive-looking building. More than that, we aim to design buildings with the surrounding area and the future in mind.

Our schematic designs are informed by the desires of our clients and more. Some of what we take into consideration includes:

  • Zoning analysis
  • Code analysis
  • Project scope
  • Project budgets
  • Site analysis
  • And more  

Quality Designs Ensure Success

The streamlined nature of any project rests upon the work conducted during the preliminary stages. The more we take into consideration during the design process, the smoother the following stages will go. When you want a project to progress smoothly, we are the ones to work with. Reach out to us at your earliest convenience for a risk-free consultation to get started.

Designing, Developing, and So Much More

Schematic designs and floor plans are just the first phases of residential and commercial architecture. Rest assured, we are capable of undertaking every other aspect of the job as well. From design and development to full-scale project management, we do it all. Invite us onto your team today to ensure your project’s success.

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